Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball
Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball

Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball

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Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball

KeKe beach ball with cute KeKe face

* W 40 X H 40










  • 1. If you open the cap of the air inlet and look inside, there’s an additional layer of film.
  •     This is a double safety cap. When you inject air, the layer of film opens and the air will enter.
  • 2. After filling the item with air, apply a little water to the cap to enclose the cap.
  •      (A double safety cap can momentarily block the air from being drawn out, but it will not completely seal the air.)
  • 3. When deflating air after use, insert a stick, such as a matchstick or a ballpoint pen into the air inlet and press lightly to blow out the air easily.
  • 4. After deflating the air, remove the stick and close the cap to store.

Handling Precautions

  • 1. This product cannot be used as a life-saving device. Use it in a safe place, such as a swimming pool.
  • 2. Use the product with your guardian as it is dangerous for children to use.
  • 3. Do not overfill the air as it may cause damage.
  • 4. DON’TS - Avoid contact with sharp materials such as pointed rocks, pointed pebbles, barbed wire, etc. and keep the product away from fire.
  • 5. When storing the product, wash away foreign substances such as sand and salt. Dry it completely, and keep it at a temperature higher than 10°C (50°F).
  • 6. Be sure to check for air leaks after injecting air.
  • 7. This product is not a toy intended for use in water (inflatable toy for water activities).

  • Warnings

  • Use under guardian’s surveillance, only in the water appropriate for child’s height.
  • Do not put this product in your mouth because it may release phthalate-based plasticizers!

  • This product is subject to exchange and compensation in accordance with the Fair Trade Commission Notice of Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.

  • Item/Model Name: Netmarble Friends KeKe Face Beach Ball


Item Info

  • Item Details

    Item/Model Name Netmarble Friends KeKe Beach ball Material PVC
    Size Product: W 400 x H 400 mm
    Packaging: W 200 x H 160 x D 50 mm
    Release Date of the Same Model July 2019
    Manufacturer Clean Industry Country of Manufacture Netmarble (Inc)
  • Shipping Guide

    Shipping Fee EMS(Express Mail Service) Shipping fee
    Shipping Period 5~10 business days (Delays are possible depending on location and order load.)
    Shipping Location World wide shipping (Some regions excluded)
    Shipping Company EMS(Express Mail Service)
  • Cancel/Exchange/Return Guide


    • Purchases can only be canceled when the order status is “Order Received” or “Payment Complete” or “in preparation”.
    • Once the items are “Shipping” you can only exchange/return.


    • Exchange/Return is available within 7 days after the item is delivered.
    • You cannot exchange/return in the following conditions.
    • · If the item is lost or damaged due to your actions.
    • · Damaged/Broken/Contaminated due to careless handling.
    • · If the item had been installed, partially consumed, or used.
    • · If the resale is not possible because the value of the item has decreased due to the passage of time.
    • · If the item value’s is lost because the packaging is damaged.
    • · If you have damaged the packaging of items that can be copied.
    • If an item is different from as advertised or the contents of the contract, it can be refunded within three months of delivery or within 30 days of you being notified of the issue.

    Exchange/Return Shipping Fee

    • · Exchange Shipping Fee: EMS(Express Mail Service) Round trip Fee.
    • · Return Shipping Fee: EMS(Express Mail Service) One way Fee.
    • · Additional shipping charges may apply for locations such as Jeju, mountain regions, or for oversized items.
    • · If there is any defect in the item or if there has been a delivery error, the shipping cost for the exchange/return will be paid by the Netmarble Store.

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