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Where can I receive coupons?

Event coupons can be downloaded from event pages, or will be sent out after some time.
Rank Coupons will be sent out by rank.

The two coupon types above must be input manually when placing an order.
The owned coupon with the highest discount will be applied to the order automatically.

I have a coupon, but it won’t apply to the product.

The coupon may not apply to purchases under a certain price, or the item may be exempt from coupon discounts.
If the coupon cannot be applied to the product, it will not be shown on the order sheet or return a message to inform you that it cannot be applied.

If I return an item which was bought with a coupon, will I get the coupon back?

Discount coupons are reissued after the product in question has been completely canceled and fully returned. It will be reissued when the order status is showing [Cancellation Complete].
(Coupons will not be reissued for partial cancellations/returns.)
However, coupons will not be reissued for returning the item after the coupon’s expiration date has passed.

I forgot to apply the coupon by mistake. What should I do?

Coupons may not be applied after the order has processed.
You may cancel the order and re-order with the coupon applied.

Where can I see the coupons I received?

Check your coupons after receiving them by going to [My Page] > [Coupons].

When do the coupons expire?

Each coupon has a different expiration date, which may be confirmed by going to [My Page] > [Coupons].

Can I transfer my coupon to someone else?

Netmarble Store coupons may not be transferred to others.

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