Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella
Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella

Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella

19,000KRW (15.57USD)
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Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella

KeKe sits on top of this 3-Section Umbrella. Let the Netmarble Friends keep you out of the rain!

* 550mm X  8K



- Detailed measurements may vary depending on how the product was measured.

- The indicated size is the average size of the product group and may be different depending on the shape.

- The product was measured laid flat in millimeters.

- Pictures may look different than actual product.

Handling Precautions

- Applying great pressure may result in damage of the product.

- Shake the umbrella as you open it.

- Dry in the shade after use.

- Do not store in the high humidity.

- Avoid bending the shaft of the umbrella.

- Avoid applying blunt force on the figure at the top.

- A small amount of water may leak through the seam of the fabric during heavy rain, but it’s not a defect.

Quality Assurance Mark

- If defects of the product have been confirmed, Netmarble will repair or exchange the product.

*Applying great force on the figure at the top may damage or peel it.


- 550mm (21.6 in) / 8K 


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  • Item Details

    Item/Model Name Netmarble Friends KeKe Small Umbrella Material 100% Polyester
    Size 550mm X 8K
    Surface Treatment Method: Bar: Electrophoretic / Frame: FRP
    Manufacturer Hyuprip korea
    Country of Manufacture China Importer/Supplier Hyuprip korea
    Seller Netmarble Intended Age Age 6+
    Quality Assurance Standards Comply with relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution standards. Customer Servicer Name and Contact Number Netmarble customer center
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    Shipping Period 5~10 business days (Delays are possible depending on location and order load.)
    Shipping Location World wide shipping (Some regions excluded)
    Shipping Company EMS(Express Mail Service)
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